Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bird #55:Striated Heron

Common Name: Striated Heron

Scientific Name: Butorides striata

Description: 14-18 inches; black Bill; black cap; upperparts greyish; wings dark with traces of black, brown and dark green; underparts  greyish; chest brown with whitish line from central chest to chin; Juveniles: upperparts: browner underparts streaked. 

Habitat: swamps; ponds and mangroves.

Statue: Vagrant; this is a first for Barbados.
The Striated Heron pictured below is a new species to Barbados and the fourth recorded in the Eastern Caribbean (Birds of the Barbados pg 97). It is a close relative to our Green Heron “Butorides virescens”, locally known as a Gaulin, but while that plumage is mostly brown in color the plumage of the Striated Heron is grey.(Click here for ID article) Striated Herons in this region breeds mainly in South America and Trinidad and Tobago. Let hope Barbados will be added to that list.