Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bird #57: American Golden Plover

Common Name: American Golden Plover
Scientific Name: Pluvialis dominica
Description: 10 inches; Non-Breeding: upperparts mottled greyish brown with black spots; underparts whitish brownish; contrast between whitish eyebrow stripe and dark crown; Breeding: underparts black; upperparts mottled gold and black; white patches on side of neck.

Fields, tidal flats

non-breeding migrant



Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bird #56:Pied-billed Grebe

Common Name: Pied-billed Grebe

Scientific Name:
Podilymbus podiceps

12 – 15 inches, upperparts dark brown, underparts light brown; white throat. Breeding: black ring around bill; white throat.  

Ponds, Lakes, lagoons

Resident Breeder

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bird #55:Striated Heron

Common Name: Striated Heron

Scientific Name: Butorides striata

Description: 14-18 inches; black Bill; black cap; upperparts greyish; wings dark with traces of black, brown and dark green; underparts  greyish; chest brown with whitish line from central chest to chin; Juveniles: upperparts: browner underparts streaked. 

Habitat: swamps; ponds and mangroves.

Statue: Vagrant; this is a first for Barbados.
The Striated Heron pictured below is a new species to Barbados and the fourth recorded in the Eastern Caribbean (Birds of the Barbados pg 97). It is a close relative to our Green Heron “Butorides virescens”, locally known as a Gaulin, but while that plumage is mostly brown in color the plumage of the Striated Heron is grey.(Click here for ID article) Striated Herons in this region breeds mainly in South America and Trinidad and Tobago. Let hope Barbados will be added to that list.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bird #54: Southern lapwing

Common Name: Southern Lapwing
Scientific Name: Vanellus chilensis        

Description: 13-15 inches; bill pink with black tip; forehead black; eyes red; upperparts Brownish-grey; bronze   gloss on shoulder;  chest black; underparts white; pink legs

Wet areas or open grassland;

Statue: Resident Breeder
In the year 2007 when the Southern Lapwing stated to breed and colonized this island, it was not just a first for this species in Barbados but also for the Eastern Caribbean.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bird #53:Little Blue Heron

Common Name: Little Blue Heron
Scientific Name: Egretta caerulea
Description: 22-28 inches; bill blue to grey with black tip; Adult: body slate blue; neck and head dark purple. Breeding: head and neck reddish purple. Juvenile: white but gradually molts to adult plumage.  
Habitat: shallow fresh and saltwater areas; Chancery Lane, Graeme Hall, WSR, Long Pond etc
Statue: Non-Breeding Migrant

Adult Little Blue at Alaska Swamp

Molting Juvenile @ WSR

Molting Juvenile @ Alaska