Sunday, 11 June 2017

2017 Photographic Big Year 69 & 71

At the end of the 23rd week of the year my list of birds in my 2017 Photographic Big Year quest grew by 3 to 71 species. The new additions were Roseate Tern69, Striated Heron70 and Southern Lapwing71.

69 - Roseate Tern - Sterna dougallii
70 - Striated Heron - Butorides striata
71 - Southern Lapwing - Vanellus chilensis

Friday, 9 June 2017

Black Swifts Pixs

An afternoon drive through the parish of St. Philip gave me my best Black Swift (Cypseloides niger) images to date.   Even though I was forced to push the Canon T3 to ISO levels it is not comfortable with (ISO 800 and 1600) to attain the shutter speed necessary to capture these splendid fliers, on that cloudy day, it was worth every grainy image.   
See the results below. 

Monday, 5 June 2017

2017 Photographic Big Year 64 & 68

After a short break to recover from the Global Big Day exercise the quest to photograph 100 species in Barbados in a calendar year continues.  At the end of the twenty second week of 2017 my tally of bird species photographed moved from 64 to 68. Birds added were: Bank Swallow64, Black-bellied Plover65, the rare West Indian Whistling-Duck66, Short-billed Dowitcher67 and one of the hardest birds to photograph Black Swift68.  I am hoping for better shots of the Black Swifts.

See images below.  See 2017 Photographic Big Year images here.

64 - Bank Swallow - Riparia riparia
65 - Black-bellied Plover - Pluvialis squatarola
66 - West Indian Whistling-Duck - Dendrocygna arborea
67 - Short-billed Dowitcher - Limnodromus griseus
68 - Black Swift - Cypseloides niger
 See 2017 Photographic Big Year images here.