Monday, 5 January 2015

Bird of the Year 2014 (Local Birders)

Here are a few 2014 highlights from my fellow birders and Photographers

Dr. John Webster (Birder, Photographer)

John's Bird of 2014 was his second major find for the year. The first being a Common Cuckoo he saw in the parish of St. Lucy.

Bird of Year : Northern Harrier

Photo by Dr. John Webster

Richard Roach (Photographer)

Richard always reminds me that he is not a birder but that he is a bird photographer, so he does not have a bird of the year, he has a photograph of the year.


Photograph of Year: Black-crowned Night Heron

Photo by Mr. Richard  Roach

Glenn R Carmichael (Birder)

Glenn, an Englishman, spent the latter part of this year birding with us here in Barbados. He has been credited for first sighting three Fulvous Whistling Ducks at WSR, a major record for the island.  Thanks Glenn!!

Checklist List (Barbados): 77 species in 3 months

Bird of Year (Barbados): Fulvous Whistling Duck 

(World) : California Condor 
                    : Zone Tailed Hawk