Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bird #58: Lesser Black Blacked Gull

Common Name: Lesser Black Backed Gull
Scientific Name: Larus fuscus
Description: 21-25 inches; four year  Adult: head white with brown streaks; yellow bill with red spot; back dark grey-black; wing tips black; underparts white; yellow legs. Breeding: white head and neck. 3rd Year: brown speckles on inner wing, blacker wingtips and a faint tail band. 2nd Year: bill pinkish with black tip; back grey; wings brownish-grey; white rump; black tile band; underparts brown streaked. 1st Year: bill black; upperparts mottled brown-grey; pinkish feet.
Habitat: Beaches, Bays etc.
Statue: Vagrant – 10 records up to the year 2008 – Birds of Barbados

Photograph taken in January