Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bird #44:Snowy Egret

Common Name: Snowy Egret
Scientific Name:  Egretta thula  
Description: 20-28 inches; white plumage; black bill; yellow lores and feet; Breeding: lores and feet reddish; shaggy looking plumes at the neck, chest and tail; Immature: legs dark in front and greenish yellow in back
Habitat: swamps and wetlands; saw one fishing fish which were trapped in rock puddles at the seaside.
You would expect to see this bird earlier in any checklist of Barbados birds because these egrets are very common around the wetlands on the island. New birder must be careful not to mistake this bird for its old world counterpart the Little Egret, our bird # 3, which is also found on the island.  For more information on the id check this Link .