Saturday, 18 March 2017

2017 Photographic Big Year 40 - 42

The promise of a lifer and a new bird for the island brought the quartet of local birders, myself included, out birding together on Saturday 18th. I cannot remember the last time we were all out birding together.  While the debate continues on the identification of the bird, this excursion provided me with a “year bird”, moving my tally for the year to 62 species.  It also provided me with one of the images for week 11, that of a flock of (42)Ring-necked Ducks. The other birds for week11 are (40)Bananaquit and (41)Caribbean Elaenia.

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40 - Bananaquit - Coereba flaveola
41 - Caribbean Elaenia - Elaenia martinica
42 - Ring-necked Duck - Aythya collaris