Thursday, 5 January 2017

My 2016

I had a good time as usual, birding in 2016.  I tallied 100 species for Barbados the third year in a row, which included 5 lifers, one of which was a first for the island.  I had a very rewarding birding trip to Trinidad and Tobago which added 97 species to my international checklist.  Here are a few of my highlights for 2016.


Great Kiskadee @ Hilton on February 08th 
Purple Gallinule @ St. George on February 11th

Greater Shearwater “Ocean” on June 09th  
Brown Pelican @ Pyle Bay on October 1st
Tricolor Heron @ Chancery Lane on October 13th

Trinidad Trip    

The family and I vacationed in Trinidad and Tobago from August 1st to 8th.  We visited iconic birding hotspots like Asa Wright Nature Centre, Caroni Swamp and Aripo Agriculture Station.  We also hooked up with one of the island’s top birders and wildlife photographers, Wendell Reyes, for a wonderful week of birding and photography.  In that one week I tallied 141 species, 97 of which were lifers.  This increased my world life count to 241 species.  Here are a few images from that trip.

As 2016 fades into history I look forward to a fun time in 2017.