Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Birds in Barbados: Residents - Amazona parrots by Dr. John Webster

Photograph by Dr. John Webster
 While in search of Parrots recently, this Amazona parrot was discovered in the Belleville area. At first we considered it was a Yellow-crowned Amazon, Amazona ochrocephala, but there were certain features it displayed that were those of the Orange-winged Amazon, Amazona amazonica. After sharing the photos with several experts in the field the general concensus was that the bird is a hybrid, resulting from cross-breeding between the Yellow-crowned and Orange-winged Amazons, both of which are known to exist in this area.

Most of the images presented show the parrot in a coconut palm, chewing on the stem of the coconut fruit.The reason for chewing on this stem is unsure but it has been suggested that maybe that it is extracting some mineral, perhaps Sodium, that it needs.
All photographs by Dr. John Webster

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