Sunday, 5 January 2014

December in Review

December in Review
It is all over now and what a time I had doing my first big year.  December was a month of obstacles; I was not able to do as much birding as I would have liked too. For the month, I was able to post only two birds. I added two species to my year and life count bringing the total to 90 species.   

The score
As 2013 slowly fades into history the Challenge remains unmet. For the 2013 Photo Challenge the goal was 100 species of birds, I was only able to record 82 species 18 species short of the mark.  Challenge number two was to set a new record for the number of bird species recorded in one year here in Barbados. The record stands at 118 species.  I was only able to record 90 bird species 28 species short of the mark.  Excuses? It was a strange year.  Migration was not as I expected it to be, and I also missed a number of birds but… I did my best.  
Will I try it again? Yes but not in 2014.  For 2014 I am planning on working more on my photography, writing and birding skills.  I think I will give both challenges a try maybe again in 2016.

Photo of the Month
My Photo of the month was shot while out one morning with Dr. John Webster, probably the most popular birder on the island because of his Television program “Breakfast with the Birds”, we were looking for two flocks of ducks. One of about 9 Northern Pintails and another of a mix flock of Blue and Green Winged Teals and American Wigeons.  During this trip we had a close encounter with an Osprey.  We watched as this bird hovered in search of food in a number of ponds; then without warning it landed in a semi dry pond not far away from us. So like soldiers creeping up on the enemy’s position we approached the pond and there it was.  The result was my Photo of the Month.

My Plans for the blog
I plan to keep the blog active to sensitize persons about the Birds of Barbados and the locations for birding here on the island.  I will try to highlight some birding locations. I also hope to have a couple guest writers and photographers comment on equipment, techniques and much more.  I will also keep a running list of my year count, highlighting any lifers and rare birds.  I am also hoping to add a trip to one of the neighboring islands; I have short listed three - Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago.  I encourage you to continue following this Blog and feel free to continue leaving your comments.

A new year is always exciting, full of promise; let us see what birds we will see here on the island of Barbados in 2014.