Monday, 25 November 2013

Bird #80: Wilson's Phalarope

Common Name: Wilson's Phalarope
Scientific Name: Phalaropus tricolor
Description: 9 inches; bill black long and thin. Non-breeding: upperparts grey; underparts white; eyestripe. Breeding Male: pale pinkish wash on neck. Breeding Female: upperparts grey and brown; Black eyestripe, which continues down sides of neck.
Habitat: shallow ponds;
Statue: non-breeding migrant

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bird #79: Common Shelduck

Common Name: Common Shelduck

Scientific Name: Tadorna tadorna

Description:  20-25 inches; large duck; reddish pink bill and legs; dark glossy green head and neck; chest white with brownish band; body white; the wings: primaries black; secondaries green and chestnut. Male: Larger in size; Bill has a fleshy knob at the base.

Habitat: lakes, rivers and salt marshes

Statue: Rare; Eurasian species; First record for this specie of duck in Barbados



Friday, 15 November 2013

Bird #78: Northern Shoveler

Common Name: Northern Shoveler

Scientific Name: Anas clypeata

Description: 17-21 inches; Bill large spoon shape; long neck; green speculum with white boarders; blue patch on shoulder. Males: head and neck iridescent green; white chest; underparts and side reddish brown. Female: head light brown; crown blackish; body mottled brown.

Habitat: shallow wetlands

Statue: Non-breeding winter visitor




Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bird #77: Ring-necked Duck

Common Name: Ring-necked Duck

Scientific Name:
Aythya collaris

18-22 inches; bill dark with white ring at tip; peaked head. Male: head black purplish gloss; yellow eyes; white rim at the base of bill; breast black; underparts greyish; side grey with spots of black; white bar between breast and side; tail and back black. Female: head brownish grey; white eye ring; back dark brown; side lighter brown.

Fresh water ponds etc