Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bird #72: White-winged Tern

Common Name: White-winged Tern aka White-winged Black Tern

Scientific Name: Chlidonias leucopterus

Description: 81/2 - 9 inches; breeding: underwings whitish; bill black; tail white; underparts, breast and head black; under tail covert whitish; Non-breeding: most of black replace by whitish grey plumage; crowned speckled; white forehead; dark patch by ear; underparts whitish. Juveniles:  white collar.

Habitat: fresh water swamps; mashes. Breeds in Europe and winters in Africa.

Statue: vagrant; one of our Eurasian visitors.  


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     Photographs taken at The Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge. ( please excuse the poor quality of the photographs)