Monday, 3 June 2013

May in Review

In the month of May, new birds were hard to come by.  With the north bound migration in full swing that was not surprising.  That being the case, this month I was still able to post ten (10) birds, added three (3) new species to my year count and two (2) to my life count.

The Photograph of the Month
My photograph of the month was that of a Black necked Stilt photographed at Chancery Lane Swamp on May 1, 2013.  Local birders believe that this Stilt is the remaining mate of a pair who successfully bred and reared three chicks at Walkers in St. Andrew, sadly one died, and it is believed that the surviving mate is drawn to the island yearly.  While there is no evidence to back this up, it is a lovely story. 

Below are the photographs.

In the month of June, my plan is to go after those local species of birds which still manage to elude my lens.  Most notable is the psittacines or parrots of which we have about three (3) species which breeds locally. 
I would like to thank Dr. John Webster for two wonderful books namely “A Guide to the Birds of the West Indies by H. Raffaele, J. Wiley, O. Garrido, A. Keith and J. Raffaele and “National Geographic’s Field Guide to the Birds of North America by Dunn and Alderfer.  
(You may have heard me mentioned before that )Dr. Webster is the host of a segment on the local morning show Good Morning Barbados.  His segment, which airs on Friday mornings at about 6:45am, is called Breakfast with the Birds. Through this program many Barbadians are educated about birds of Barbados and conservation.   

To see the show on Friday mornings click on this link 
Now on to June …

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