Monday, 24 June 2013

Bird #52: Short Billed Dowitcher

Common Name: Short Billed Dowitcher

Scientific Name: Limnodromus griseus

Description: 10-12 inches; long straight bill; white eye brow strips; upperparts mottled grey, brown and black; underparts white; chest mottled brown; legs yellowish; rump white; 

Habitat: Mudflaps etc.

Statue: Migrant


National Geographic- Field Guide to the Birds of North America edited by Dunn and Alderfer

Photograph taken at Chancery Lane,  Christ Church 

S B Dowitcher and Sanderling

S B Dowitcher and Sanderling

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bird #51:Rose-ringed Parakeet

Common Name: Rose-ringed/Ring-necked Parakeet
Scientific Name: Psittacula krameri
Description: 16 inches; greenish yellow plumage; bill pinkish red; pinkish eye ring; tail long and pointed with yellow undertail coverts; Adult Males: Neck ring of rose (Pinkish red), blue and black (hence the name); chin black; Female and Juvenile: no discernible neck ring; lighter in color.
Habitat: Variable; from city dwelling to the country side.
Statue: Introduced Breeder; Birds of Barbados speaks of a “few pairs” of Rose ringed which were released into Bridgetown in the 80’s; Small colonies can be seen in St Michael, around Belleville and George Street, Strathclyde and a interested one located at a private resident at Hothersal Turning. Birds of Barbados mention colonies in the parishes of St George and Christ Church. 


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bird #50: Willet

Common Name: Willet
Scientific Name: Tringa semipalmatus
Description: 15-16 inches; large shorebird; Upperparts mottled brownish grey; rump white; underparts whitish; legs gray; bill thick; flight: black and white wing pattern.
Habitat: mudflats, swamps and marshes – chancery Lane, Graeme Hall
Statue: Common migrant, Passage Migrant (Birds of Barbados)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bird #49:Golden Warbler

Common Name: Golden Warbler
Scientific Name: Dendroica petechia sp. petechia
Description: 4-5 inches; plumage yellow; underparts reddish streaks, upperparts greenish yellow; Males:  red cap on crown
Habitat: swamps, mangroves, grass fields, since to follow the Leucaena leucocephela plant what is locally refer to as River Tamarind or Myamosee;;   
Statue: Resident Breeder
Barbados endemic race sp. petechia; one of the hosts for the Shine Cow Bird (Molothrus bonariensis) which is a brood parasite.

Goldon Warbler in a River Tamarind Tree (Leucaena leucocephela)