Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bird #25: Great Blue Heron

Common Name:  Great Blue Heron

Scientific Name: Ardea herodias

Description: 45-54 inches; a wing span of over 6 feet; large blue grey bird; long legs, thighs reddish brown, long necks mainly reddish brown upper and white to buff under with black streaks; large head with  a black strip above the eyes which extends to plumes to the back of head; large yellowish dagger shape bill. In flight: two tone coloration lighter Blue grey with darker grey –black on the outer parts of the wings.

Habitat:  Wetlands – fresh and brackish water swamps, ponds; a non-breeding visitor to the island; Birds were observed at all major swamps on the island and a few small ponds. One of if not the largest birds that visits the island person, persons seeing one of these birds for the first time are shock at its size and grace in flight.