Saturday, 15 December 2012

Shooting Swamps

There is a paradoxical relationship between the shooting swamps and migrating birds in Barbados.  These privately owned and funded artificially created swamps, created solely to attract bird for shooting, are resting and feeding areas for many tired birds, but sadly it is where thousands meet their death.  A band on shooting would be great, but that would also bring an end to a number of important wetlands, where migrating and resident birds feed, nest and rest.  Bird Life International in conjunction with The Canadian Wildlife Service is working with the local hunters and helping them to identify and a species of concern, so as to avoid the shooting of these birds. 
At these swamps a number of birds can be seen and they will play a part in my challenge of ‘photographing 100 birds of Barbados’.

More on the efforts to curve hunting of shorebirds click here
Below are images from some of the shooting swamps on the island:

2 Snowy Egrets @ Shooting Swamp in the East of the Island
Caged Shorebirds @ Shooting Swamp

Shooting Hut @ swamp in the east of the island