Friday, 2 November 2012


You may ask yourself “Photographing 100 Birds species in one year, how hard can that be?”  According to Wikipedia the birds found in Barbados includes a total of 214 species, of which only one (1) is endemic -that is found only on Barbados and five (5) have been introduced by humans.  However 147 of that 214, are listed as rare or accidental, which means they may or may not come to the island in any given year. Now let’s do the math - 214 species minus 147 rare or accidental leave me with 67 species that I should see for sure. I will now have to find a further 33 species of birds from the rare and accidental group to make up my target 100 bird count.  The biggest challenge I will face will be time.  To begin, I have a wife and two children, ages 7 and 3.  I work from Monday to Friday and my weekends, because of important commitments are super busy and did I say I have a wife and two children.  Therefore I will have about 4 Hours tops on weekends if at all.  Equipment will also be a challenge.  I would have liked to have a Canon 4D iii 0r 1D with a telephoto lens up 600mm+ that would be nice but I do have my trusted Canon Rebel with a Sigma 28 – 300mm f/3.5 hoping to add a converter to get up to no less than 550mm but it should be fun.

I’ll be going for quality first then documentary second:  I am going for quality first and documentary second- that is I will only post quality shots when I can but I will post lower quality shots for the purpose of identification.

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