Monday, 1 May 2017

2017 Photographic Big Year 58 & 59 - Two New Year Birds

My 2017 year and Big year Photographic challenge list increased by two at the end of week 18. That week was ambling along until Wednesday 26th when I registered the two sightings, the first in morning the other afternoon, on opposite sides of the island.  The first bird was a Brown Pelican58, a rarity, which was seen fishing in the bay at Six Men’s St. Peter.  The other bird, a Willet59, was at Chancery Lane, Christ Church. These birds brought the tallies for my year and big year list to 70 and 59 respectively.

See images below.  See 2017 Photographic Big Year images here.

58 - Brown Pelican - Pelecanus occidentalis
59 - Willet - Tringa semipalmata

See 2017 Photographic Big Year images here.