Sunday, 4 October 2015

September Images of Birds

Here are a few images of birds I saw during October 
Striated Heron - Butorides striata - 2nd record for Barbados
Spotted Sandpiper - Actitis macularius

American Golden-Plover - Pluvialis dominica
Western Sandpiper - Calidris mauri
Whimbrel - Numenius phaeopus @ Silver Rock, Christ Church
Ruddy Turnstone - Arenaria interpres

Red Knot - Calidris canutus

Gull-billed Tern - Gelochelidon nilotica
Royal Tern - Thalasseus maximus -with little fishy in mouth
Pied-billed Grebe - Podilymbus podiceps
Eared Dove - Zenaida auriculata

Grassland Yellow-Finch - Sicalis luteola
Yellow Warbler - Setophaga petechia
Caribbean Martin - Progne dominicensis
Southern Lapwing - Vanellus chilensis