Monday, 6 April 2015

I am excited about Birding in April

There is going to be a lot of birding excitement for me this month and for many reasons 1) a Caribbean Trip, 2) a Night Trip and 3) a Lecture about Birds.  What am I talking about? Let me explain further.

A Caribbean Trip 

In a couple of days, my family and I will be visiting 5 Caribbean Islands during our family vacation.  My wife keeps reminding me that it is not a Birding trip, but a family vacation, I am sure though that we will be able to strike a compromise.  My goal is to land 15 lifers, but the birds I would really like to see are the Brown Pelican, the Kestrel, the Broad-winged Hawk, the Purple- throated Carib and the White- cheeked Pintail Duck.  An extra bonus would be any island endemics. 

The Night Trip

This trip was in the making since last year and now looks close to becoming a reality in mid April.  This is the trip to bird rock to see the nesting colony of the Audubon’s Shearwater.   The thing is that the Shearwaters spend most of the hours of light far out to sea and only returns to roost after dark.  With the exception of Mr. Edward Massiah, this would be a lifer for all of the local birders.  The lights are ready, the scouts paid a visit to  the location, the process of making the path safe for night trekking  will soon begin.  So look out for this one.

The Lecture 

The Barbados National Trust will be hosting a lecture entitled “Birds of Barbados 2013-2014” which will be given by my friend and fellow birder/Photographer Dr. John Webster.  I had a sneak peek into some of the material he will be presenting and it is promising to be a good one.  So for all who are interested in the Birds of Barbados, it will not only be educational but entertaining as well.  I will keep you posted on the date.   

So can you see why I am excited about April? Stay tuned, I will be sharing it all with you.