Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bird #70: Glossy Ibis

Common Name: Glossy Ibis

Scientific Name: Plegadis falcinellus

Description: 22-25 inches; long brownish color down curved bill; long neck; long legs. Non Breeding: Brown plumage; grey facial skin with a pale bluish boarder. Breeding: Reddish brown plumage; wings emerald greenish with glossy iridescence; Juvenile: dusky brown plumage.

Habitat: Mudflaps; shallow ponds etc.

Statue: Vagrant  



Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bird #69: Northern Waterthrust

Common Name: Northern Waterthrust

Scientific Name: Parkesia noveboracensis

Description: 5-5.75 inches; upperparts dark brown; crowned dark brown with a yellowish lightbrown eyebrow strip; underparts white with dark brown streaks. Immature: Underparts yellowish lightbrown.

Habitat: Mangroves; primary saline and brackish water; swamps;
The Northern Waterthrust occasionally winters at the Graeme Swamp. This bird may be affected by loss of habitat with the continual destruction of Mangroves in Barbados and the West Indies.  

Statue: Migrant; Winter Resident



Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bird #68: Lesser Yellowlegs

Common Name: Lesser Yellowlegs
Scientific Name: Tringa flavipes
Description: 9.75-11 inches; legs long yellowish orange; upperparts grey with white specks; underparts white; breast and throat white with grey streaks.
Habitat: Mud Flaps; shallow ponds and swamps
Statue: Migrant

Friday, 6 September 2013

Bird #67: White Rumped Sandpiper

Common Name: White Rumped Sandpiper
Scientific Name: Calidris fuscicollis
Description: 7-8 inches; black legs; long primary feather tip projected beyond tail; underparts whitish; white rump. Non-Breeding: upperparts brownish-grey; appears hooded. Breeding: upperparts reddish-brown; reddish ear patch; black chest markings.
 Habitat: Mud flaps
Statue: Migrant,
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