Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bird #47:Osprey

Common Name: Osprey/Fish Hawk

Scientific Name: Pandion haliaetus   sp. carolinensis

Description: 21-24 inches; large raptor; upperparts brown; head whitish-grey; brown eye strip; underparts whitish-grey.

Habitat: Calm Bodies of water; mangroves, ponds, sea; feed mainly on fish.

Statue: non-resident; not sure if a non-breeding one.

These raptors can be seen soaring over the West Coast or any large body of water in search of food. Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, when it was fully operational, was a great location to view the Osprey. (Follow this link to a story about the rescue, rehab and release of an Osprey in 2010)

@ Highclere  St Thomas - One of a pair wintering at a man-made lake