Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bird #30: Lesser Scaup

Common Name: Lesser Scaup
Scientific Name: Aythya affinis
Description: 15-18 inches; Medium size diving duck; bump on head; dark bluish bill with small black tip; primary feathers black; secondary feathers white;  underparts white; grey legs Females: head and neck dark brown; upperparts lighter brown; white band at bass of bill; Males: (Breeding) black head, breast and tail; back whitish gray with wings darker with wavy lines; yellow iris. (Non-breeding) Head and breast brown, upperparts mottled brownish and white.
Habitat: Wetlands: freshwater ponds and swamps.
Lesser Scaups are uncommon, non-annual migrants to the island, usually in small numbers. This season I saw about four of them among flocks of Blue Winged Teal mostly in the north of the island but also observe a loner male at a swamp on the East Cost of the island.