Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bird #29: Eared Dove

Common Name: Eared Dove
Scientific Name: Zenaida auriculata     
Description: 8.5-10 inches; upperparts grayishbrown; black spots on the scapulars; underpart cinnamon – brown; bronze-gold mark on the side of the neck; black markings behind and under the eyes which resemble ear marking hence the name; grey crown; Reddish legs and feet. Unlike Zenaida aurita the eared dove has no white in it plumage.   
Habitat: not widely distributed on the island I have only seen this specie in St Philip and St John both on the east cost of the island. At King George V Memorial Park in St Philip, were most of the picture were taken, since to have a breeding pair.
According to the book Birds of Barbados by P.A and Francine Buckley, Edward B. Massiah, Maurice B. and Hazel F. Hutt, the Eared was first notice on the island in the 1950s and 60s.