Monday, 25 February 2013

Bird #18: Common Gallinule

Common Name: Common Gallinule
Scientific Name: Gallinula galeata
Description: 13.5 inches; black to grey plumage; white strip down the side; white undertail; red flat factual shield; red bill with yellow tip; yellowish green legs. Immature: Grey and brown; lacks red bill.
Habitat: Very common bird found in ponds, swamps etc, can be seen in almost all the parishes; in pastures among livestock, etc

The “Old world” and “New World” species, of what was known as the Common Moorhen, was separated into the Eurasian Moorhen and Common Gallinule. I personally still refer to it as the Common Moorhen. One thing you remember from this bird is its call. It is a haunting Vincent Price type of laugh that can send you running if you’re hearing it for the first time. 

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