Sunday, 25 November 2012

Long Pond

Long Pond is located on the East Coast of the island in the parish of St. Andrew along the famous Ermy Bourne Highway commonly known as the East Coast Road.  It is situated about 6km from Bathsheba, the home of the world famous surfers paradise The Soup Bowl.

Long Pond is a shallow brackish water lagoon separated from the sea at low tide by a sand bank.  It is an important stop over for wintering birds such as Sandpipers, Plovers and Herons.   You may also see Belted Kingfishers “Ceryle alcyon” and the resident Osprey “Pandion haliaetus”, who I’m told, takes up residence in a Casuarina tree “Casuarina equisetifolia” on the south bank of the lagoon.

The flora

The most dominant grass around the pond is Crab grass “Sporobolus virginicus”. Woods made up mainly of Casuarina tree “Casuarina equisetifolia” are on the south bank and Coconut trees on the north both provides perfect habitat for Passerines birds.

Long Pond and the two other brackish water wetlands, Graeme Hall and Chancery lane play and important part of the island ecosystem and should be protected.

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See pictures from Long Pond Below..
Long Pond
From the north bank looking south- east
Sunset over Long Pond
Looking East from the South Bank
Semipalmated Plover at Long Pond
Sanderling at long Pong